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Frequently Ask Question on Camshare

Q: How do i join Camshare?

A: Click the Join Camshare on the site front page. or CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Q: What will i do to earn on camshare ?

A: You get to earn when you Uploading images and content that best suit our categories. you upload must be rich and well formatted. You will also earn by viewing Documentaries post  CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Q: How do i upload image on Camshare ?

A: Login to your private dashboard, Click on  UPLOAD PHOTO, fill in the upload form accordingly and Click on the “SUBMIT UPLOAD” button. it will be review by our editors.

Q: What is the minimum and Maximum images i can upload ?

A: You are only limited to upload 1 Quality Images and content per day which will be reviewed.


Q: How will i refer my friends and relatives?

A: Login to your Dashboard and click the Affiliate tab to get your unique referrals Link.

Q: How many referrals do i need to cashout?

A: Camshare approve and process your payout  without referral when you have 20,000 in your Camshare wallet earnings….. and process your payout when you have 10,000 in your wallet earning and atleast 1 refferal

Q: When do withdrawal Portal Open

A: Camshare Pay Bi-weekly i.e Every 2weeks [Check the cashout page to see the next available withdrawal Date.]


Need more information??? Send mail to  fideobaoye@gmail.com