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How it Works

Camshare is an Online Photosharing platform that pays you for uploading beautiful pictures that suite our categories standard. You earn from different activities done on Camshare.ng. You will need to pay for a premium account registration worth of #1,600.


  1. You earn #200 Naira for every picture / Caption you upload on camshare. (Approved Uploads)
  2. You earn #10 naira for Viewing documentary contents.
  3. You automatically earn # 1,000 when you refer you friend and families.
  4. Camshare pays it users weekly (Every Weeks) 


CamShare Inc Earning and Affiliate Program. Register with ₦1,600 , Take beautiful Picture that suit our categories, Write Brief Info and Get Paid.


CamShare is a Photography and Documentary Publishing Platform that Post vital Information that help the masses to know see review and useful information in the following: Culture, Nigerian Cities, Hotels, History. e.t.c.

CamShare Affiliate Earning Program is designed specially for Nigerians, where they can Upload Cool images , Refer families to participate and earn.

CamShare Inc. Credit its member for Uploading Pictures that suit our Categories, Viewing of our Documemtaries and also pay for referrals.


Q: How do i join Camshare?

A: Click the Join Camshare on the site front page. or https://camshare.ng/csb/?a=Olarewaju

Q: What will i do to earn on camshare ?

A: You can earn on Camshare via Uploading images, Viewing Documentary and Referring your friends and families

Q: How do i upload image on Camshare ?

A: Before you can upload your content on camshare you need to be a premium registered, Loign to your dashboard and follow the dashboard instruction.

Q: What is the minimum and Maximum images i can upload per day?

A: You are Limited to upload 1 Post Images per day, When uploading images on camshare, make sure you are uploading atleast 5 images at a time and make sure you caption it with atlease 4 lines text.

Q: How will i refer my friends and relatives?

A: Login to your Dashboard and click the Affiliate tab to get your unique referrals Link. New users should use this>>>>  Click here Signup

Q: How many referrals do i need to cashout?

A : Camshare Income have two options for withdrawal 

1.  AFFILIATE EARNINGS WITHDRAW: You can withdraw your Referral Bonus when you have minimum of two referral. i.e #2,000

2.  WALLET EARNINGS WITHDRAW: You can withdraw your activities earnings when have reached more than 10,000 at the end of the month

Bank charge of #300 will be removed on each transaction.
Double submission of withdrawal form will disqualify you from payment.

Conditions For withdrawal For Members that do not have referrals

  • At the time of withdrawal, you must have at least #10,000 and balance .
  • Must not have any record of spamming on our site .
  • Must have truly make reasonable Documentary post
  • All the above conditions will strictly be checked and verified.

NOTE: Referral is optional in Camshare income program i.e you get paid without referral, though you must cross the threshold of 10,000