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Privacy Policy

Kindly note that our privacy policy is been reviewed and revised from time to time, so its well advised to check it most times.  

Who are we?

Our verified official website address is https://Camshare.ng

What Personal data we collect and why we collect


We keep records of all your comments and replies you post on our documentary posts, but do note that we do not share them outside our system.


Our website uses cookies for better experiences, anytime you logon into our website some visible are store in your browser which can be uses when next you return to our website.

IP Address:

We you login into your private dashboard, refer a friend or upload your content on camshare, our system find and store your I.P address in our system. Thus, your private log is secured as we dont expose them to a third party


What rights you have over your data

As a premium member of camshare, you have all right to request the cancellation of your private account, clearing of logs and deleting of comments. You have every right to change your personal password at anytime you wish.

Where we send your data

Kindly note that we do not send out or sell to profit from your private data.

How we protect your data

We take our security very seriously and we make sure all your private data’s are stored on a Secured MySql Database and its well encrypted.